Site Furnishings (Specialists)

Site Furnishings (Specialists)

Site Furnishings (Specialists)Site Furnishings (Specialists)Site Furnishings (Specialists)

About Us

We are distributors of site furnishings and provide product assistance to Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects and end-users.

As specialists in the industry we take pride in our hands-on approach in determining your furnishings needs.

We use our 25+ years of experience in site furnishings to help you design your space.

Designing Your Space


Personalize your space.

Selecting the right site furnishings gives your space character and makes a statement about you.  Including benches and planter pots is one way to start.


Add color and freshness with plants.

Generate excitement with plant walls and irrigation.  Accentuate other plants with exciting planter pots.  Personalized irrigation will do the work of keeping your plants fresh and beautiful.


Form and function.

Add structure to your space with site amenities.

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